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4 Reasons You Might Need to Contact a Cranbury Station, NJ Contractor that Specializes in Roof Repair Near You

Have you been looking for a reliable contractor that specializes in roof repair near you, but you have yet to find someone reliable? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Advanced Enterprise Roofing is a premier Cranbury Station, NJ roof repair company that has been providing the residents of Middlesex County with top-quality results since 1984.

Whether you’re missing a few shingles, you’ve been dealing with a slow leak for a while, or a tree fell on your roof during a recent storm and you need an emergency roof repair; whatever the case may be, if you need spot repairs or a complete roof replacement, contact the team at 732-500-0838 today!

4 Reasons You Might Need Cranbury Station, NJ Roof Repair Services

Of all the components of your Middlesex County home, the roof is arguably the most important. It shields your family and belongings from the elements and plays a key role in maintaining your comfort. If your roof is damaged, not only can the structural integrity of your house be compromised, but the safety and security of your family can be jeopardized.

A defective roof can cause serious damage to the rest of your Middlesex County home that, if left unchecked, can result in costly repairs. In order to avoid even bigger problems, it’s important to be proactive and contact a Cranbury Station, NJ roof repair contractor at the first sign of damage.

But what could damage your Middlesex County roof? Below, you’ll find four factors that contribute to roof damage that often requires a call to a Cranbury Station, NJ roof repair specialist.


Tree limbs and branches can do serious damage to a roof. Trees have been known to loosen and crack shingles, cause cracks and gaps, and can even create gaping holes. If left unchecked, damage caused by trees can lead to even further damage, such as water intrusion, that may require even more extensive and costlier repairs.

The Elements

The roof of your Middlesex County home is exposed to the elements on a constant basis, including rain, wind, snow, ice, extreme temperatures, and the harsh UV rays of the sun.

Over time, constant exposure to such harsh conditions can weaken the roofing materials and cause widespread damage. In Middlesex County, severe weather events, such as blizzards and tropical storms, are also a cause for concern. High winds can tear shingles and rip entire sections off of your roof, and snow and ice can penetrate and lift up flashing and shingles, which can lead to water damage.

Roofing Repair and Installation in Cranbury Station, NJ

Get in the habit of inspecting your roof after storms or prolonged periods of intense weather, such as high heat or heavy rain. If you notice any signs of damage, contact a Cranbury Station, NJ roof repair expert as soon as possible.


Pests, such as squirrels, mice, raccoons, and birds can also cause serious problems for your Middlesex County roof. As they scamper across the structure, they can loosen and tear off shingles. If they’re seeking shelter, critters can burrow into the roofing materials and tear off vent covers.

They can even damage the gutter system. Roof damage caused by pests may start off minor, but if it isn’t addressed, the damage can worsen, and eventually, more profound damage can occur. For that reason, contacting a Cranbury Station, NJ roof repair professional even for seemingly minor pest damage is a must.

Poor Installation

In order to properly protect your Middlesex County home, the roof should be comprised of high-quality roofing materials, and those materials need to be properly installed. If your roof is made of subpar materials and they weren’t installed correctly, serious problems could arise. If your existing roof system was poorly installed, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll need to call a Cranbury Station, NJ roof repair contractor.

For Quality Cranbury Station, NJ Roof Repair, Contact Advanced Enterprise Roofing

No matter the cause, when you need roof repair services, rather than wasting your time searching for “roof repair near me”, get in touch with the company that Middlesex County trusts most: Advanced Enterprise Roofing! Call 732-500-0838 for a free price quote today!

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